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Specialized Treatments in Dacula, Georgia

Specialized Treatments in Dacula, Georgia

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Patients of Kurz Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Dacula, GA understand our practice provides a comprehensive range of general and family dentistry solutions. However, we also offer restorative and cosmetic treatments, as well. Clients are also able to turn to our team for specialized treatments, too.

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Night Guards

If you frequently wake with very sore teeth, a stiff or aching jaw and even a headache and neck pain, it could be due to bruxism or teeth grinding occurring during the night. This, however, is not a minor issue as it can lead to such issues as cracked, broken and unevenly worn teeth. It can also be part of the reason you develop TMJ/TMD, and it can even cause permanent changes in your bite.

This is why we encourage our patients to consult with us about the use of night guards when they find they wake with dental or jaw, head or neck pain. Night guards hold your jaw in healthy alignment and prevent your teeth from coming together and creating great pressure and the damages that result.

Children’s Dentistry

Did you know that most children can greatly benefit from an initial visit to our dental office around the time of their first birthday? In fact, the emergence of just their first tooth may be the right time to book their first dental exam. Why? Many people develop dental anxiety very early in life, and if you can show your children that there is nothing to fear, and only something to look forward to, with each visit, you are helping to set the stage for a lifetime of optimal oral health.

Not only is our entire staff kid-friendly and skilled in handling younger patients, but early visits let us ensure that your children’s teeth and gums are healthy, that their teeth are emerging in the best way possible, and that you know how to best care for their young teeth and gums.

Specialized Treatments

Laser Dentistry

Modern dental technologies can make your treatments safer, faster, painless and even more effective. Perhaps this is most obviously seen in laser dentistry. We are happy to provide all patients with access to some of the very latest technologies, and our laser dentistry options are able to allow us to eliminate some of the most uncomfortable procedures.

For example, with laser dentistry, we can eliminate the use of a drill and cut back on anesthesia to make treatments far more enjoyable. We can perform much more precise procedures too, dealing with gum tissue, root canals and bone removal or reshaping in our office. Even more exciting is that laser dentistry is also associated with faster healing times and fewer challenging symptoms.


The temporomandibular joint is the largest and most flexible in your head. It connects your lower jaw to your skull and can move from side to side, up and down and in any direction while also being able to exert tremendous forces needed for biting and chewing. Even though it is flexible and strong, it can undergo too many stresses and this results in a condition often called TMJ or TMD. Essentially, these all mean the same thing – pain.

Fortunately, we have a wide array of treatment options ranging from night guards to facial injectable treatment. While you might assume facial injectable treatment is only for reducing wrinkles and lines in the face, it is also being used to relax muscles in the jaw area. Using it for migraine and a condition known as cervical dystonia are quite common, and we can help determine if it is also appropriate for your TMJ issues.

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Facial Injectables

If you are visiting us for cosmetic dentistry solutions, such as straightening, whitening or improving the appearance of your smile, why not also consider reducing the impact of time and lifestyle choices on your skin too. After all, many of the habits our patients have, and which have caused unwanted changes in their teeth, can be associated with the development of fine lines and wrinkles too.

Our patients can come to our office for facial injectable treatment to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment is safe and effective, proven to improve the looks of the skin by relaxing targeted muscles. This is also why we can offer it to patients with TMJ (a painful jaw condition). When injected by a skilled dental expert, it can reduce pain and the symptoms so often associated with problems in the jaw area.


Many of our patients visit us to access our many reliable cosmetic dentistry solutions. They understand that everything from lifestyle habits, age, genetics and even decay or injury can cause their teeth to become less attractive. Unfortunately, changes in the teeth, such as the loss of adult teeth, can affect the appearance of the face.

If you are visiting us for some cosmetic dentistry, you might also want to discuss our ability to repair the damages of time and lifestyle choices to your face as well. We can provide dermal fillers to will smooth and plump the skin, encouraging collagen production and enhancing any of the cosmetic dentistry options you have selected.

Specialized Treatment in Dacula, Georgia

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